Phenom-world Company reports on Vaccoat Company’s sputtering system

Dutch company Phenom-world is one of the leading electron microscopes manufacturers in the world. As we know, the imaging of the specimens by an electron microscope requires the sample preparation before the imaging. The sample preparation process involves deposition of a nanometer layer of electrical conductive material on the specimens, which gold and carbon is the most widely used material for this purpose. If the sample preparation stage is not properly executed, a good picture of the electron microscope cannot be obtained.

Phenom-World Co. during negotiate to buy the Vaccoat Company’s products, Demands to test the performance of the SEM-Coater system (The single-cathode vacuum sputtering system model: DSR1).

According to Marcel Larous, a representative of Phenom-world, the performance results of the single-cathode sputtering system model DSR1 were as follows:

  • The coater is nice and compact (smaller than the Quorum system).
  • The DSR1 feels durable; it is a mix of aluminum and plastic.
  • All cables are neatly managed.
  •  The electronics and vacuum parts are placed in easily replaceable units.
  • The installation was just as easy as any other coater.
  • The system starts up very rapidly.
  • The user interface looks comfortable and without looking at a manual you can figure out how to operate the system.
  • The system offers a lot of option to report and log everything.
  • The system reaches the required vacuum very quickly.
  • The plasma generated looks clean and stable.
  • The coating when looked at with the Phenom looked very smooth and equal across the sample. Both I and my colleagues think that the coating looks better than the Quorum system we have now.
  • The DSR1 coater from Vaccoat does its work very well. With several presses you can get a good coating in a short amount of time.
dsr1-desk sputter coater
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