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Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering

In the DC sputtering process by accelerating positive ions towards the target material (which is in negative potential) and colliding with its surface, due to the lack of electrical conductivity…

Vaccoat Products introduction on Nano Industry Magazine

In this magazine, We could know about DTT- a desktop, a turbomolecular-pumped thermal evaporator for vacuum deposition of thin films, Our supplier on Russia and capability of the Vaccoat Products.

Military applications of the optics and vacuum thin film deposition

Optics are used almost anywhere in the military. From vision systems and target designators used by troops on the ground, through guidance systems utilized in both manned and unmanned aircraft…

The role of Un-Balanced Magnetron sputtering on the characteristics of

Sputtering was first introduced in 1852 and was used by a person named Groe. He could using an electrical discharge deposited the metal film on a cold cathode. At first, sputtering was used for deposition of the …

Effect of bias on structure mechanical properties and corrosion resistance…

Over the past few decades, technological advances have made it possible to deposition of the thin films under vacuum which referred to as “Hard Coatings”. These coatings have different applications

Phenom-world Company reports on Vaccoat Company’s sputtering system

Dutch company Phenom-world is one of the leading electron microscopes manufacturers in the world. As we know, the imaging of the specimens by an electron microscope requires the sample preparation before the imaging. The sample preparation process involves deposition of a nanometer layer of electrical conductive material on the specimens, which gold and carbon is […]

The role of the deposition method in the performance of thin film propskite solar cells

Proksytic solar cells are a kind of solar cell that combines the structure of Proksytic. This substance is often an organic-mineral hybrid of lead or tin halides. Proksytic materials such as methyl ammonium lead iodide are cheap and easy to make. The structure of Proksytic is a triple structure of materials, and its general formula […]

10th year of Vacuum Expo in UK

If you are interested in the vacuum field, do not miss the vacuum exhibition scheduled for 9&10 October 2019 in Ricoh Arena Coventry UK. The demonstration of industrial and scientific applications of vacuum technology in the field of coating, analytical sciences, R&D, solar cells, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food and packaging, space technology tools and many others […]

Sputtering Process

Sputtering Process In a basic sputtering process, the cathode plate is bombarded by highly energetic positive Ar ions and generates plasma. The bombardment results removal of target atoms (sputtering), and deposition of them on the substrate and making the thin film.

Selection of suitable material for preparing an electron microscope sample

The most commonly used material to prepare samples of an electron microscope is gold. Gold provides high-quality microscopic images due to its high electrical conductivity and small grain size. For the EDX process, carbon layer instead of gold is used in the sample preparation process. Carbon has a small atomic number, and unlike gold, it […]