Exported DST3 to Qcells Company

Vac Coat Company has recently exported two of the vacuum coating systems, models DST3-TA and DST3-TS, to Hanwha Qcells Company, Germany. These multi-purpose vacuum coating systems fulfill coating of wide range of materials for extensive applications.

Qcells Company

Hanwha Qcells is one of the world’s largest solar companies offering solar products and energy supply solutions. Qcells products use nano coatings to achieve higher performance, increased efficiency and quality.

Nano coatings are accessible by vacuum deposition systems like sputtering and thermal evaporation techniques, available in DST3-T coating systems. Desktop sputter coater and thermal evaporation systems DST3-T, offered with angled or straight sputtering cathodes (DST3-TA or DST3-TS), provide high vacuum DC and RF sputtering, thermal evaporation of noble metals, as well as carbon fibers.

The exported DST3-TS model is customized with a large substrate holder for coating large substrates, accompanied by unique cathode masks, designed to ensure uniform deposition. 

Some of Our Vacuum Coating Systems

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