Turbo Pumped Carbon Coater and Thermal Evaporator – DCT-T-300

DCT-T-300 | Turbo Pumped Carbon Coater and Thermal Evaporator | New Large DCT Model | Desk Carbon Coater and Thermal Evaporator

DCT-T-300 is a turbo-pumped carbon coater and thermal evaporator with large chamber that is ideal for sample preparation for FE-SEM, EDS/WDS, TEM, EBSD analysis, and thin film applications. This high-vacuum coater offers high quality uniform carbon and metal films with fine grain sizes which are suitable for specimens that require high-resolution and high-quality characterization.

DCT-T-300 with a 300 mm Dia. cylindrical chamber allows long-term deposition on samples with a diameter of up to 15 cm or several small specimens. The full-automatic programmable carbon coating process allows easy, precise, and repeatable performance. 

Thermal evaporation of low melting point materials in two upward or downward directions, with adjustable distance of the thermal source to the substrate, is another advantageous feature of this coating machine.

Features of DCT-T-300


    • High vacuum level with built-in turbo pump (Leybold)
    • Two-stage rotary vane backing pump (Diaphragm or scroll pump)
    • Internal 500 W switching DC power supply for carbon fiber deposition (Optional)
    • External 1.2 kW high-current DC power supply appropriate for metal evaporation and carbon rod deposition
    • Quartz crystal thickness monitor with precision of 1 nm and resolution of 1 Å
    • Automatic venting valve
    • Sample rotation, height, and tilt adjustable (For small sample holder stage)
    • Planetary sample holder (Optional)
    • Two high-current electric feed-throughs for thermal source insertion
    • Movable thermal source holder with possible upward or downward deposition configurations
    • S-Clip sample holders on the thermal head for upward deposition
    • Electronic shutter
    • Easy-to-change specimen stages (Rotation stage as standard)
    • Two-year warranty
    • CE conformity
Desk Carbon Coater – DCT-300 Front
  • Vac Coat products are covered worldwide by both public and product Liability Insurance in case any property damage or personal injury happens caused by the Vac Coat systems.


    • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input
    • User friendly software, updatable via network
    • Semi-full automatic coating process (Optional)
    • Repeatable and programmable carbon coating process in the automatic mode
    • Pulsed or flash carbon fiber coating modes (Optional)
    • Pulsed or ramped carbon rod coating modes (Optional)
    • Automatic carbon fiber/rod/thermal deposition according to the set thickness value
    • Records and plots coating parameters graphs
    • Storing coating recipes for repeatable depositions

Pulsed Carbon Fiber Evaporation

The desk high-vacuum carbon coating system is able to perform pulsed carbon fiber evaporation. Short pulses provide more controlled deposition and significantly reduces the amount of debris associated with traditional carbon deposition.

Carbon Rod Evaporation (Optional)

This benchtop coating system could be equipped with carbon rod head (Optional). For this case an external 0-100 A high current power supply should be used instead of the internal high current power supply which is designed for carbon fiber evaporation.

Vac Coat Carbon Fiber Head | Carbon Coaters
Vac Coat Carbon Rod Head | Carbon Coaters

Thermal Evaporation

DCT-T-300 is equipped with a high-current power supply and low-voltage (Resistive) thermal evaporation platform suitable for a wide variety of thermal evaporation applications. The system allows controlled thermal evaporation of a wide range of materials onto the substrate. Different types of thermal evaporation sources (Boat, basket, and coil) can be installed on the single thermal source holder.

VacCoat - Turbo Pumped Carbon Coater and Thermal Evaporator – DCT-T-300

Clean Vacuum of DCT-T-300

The vacuum chamber is Cylindrical Pyrex with 300 mm OD and 200 mm H. The DCT-T-300 is fitted with an internally mounted turbo molecular pump, backed by a 6 m3/h two-stage rotary vane pump (Optional). It introduces clean vacuum without oil contamination which normally exists with ordinary diffusion pump.

Desk Carbon Coater – DCT-300 Opened

DCT-T-300 Touch Screen Control

DCT-T-300 is equipped with a 7” colored touch screen with full automatic control utilizing a user-friendly software to control and adjust the deposition process data. The vacuum and coating sequence information can be monitored as digital data or curves on the touch screen. The last 300 coatings information is saved on the history page and can be transferred to PC by a USB port on the device.

Vac product DSR1 Touch Screen | Sputter Coater

Sample Holder Stages of DCT-T-300

The DCT-T-300 can be equipped with different customized sample stage configurations depending on the user requirements. The standard sample rotation stages are rotatable with adjustable height and angle and easy to change. The rotary planetary sample stage is a good choice for uniform coating of porous specimens (Optional).

For deposition on large samples, a 6-inch rotatable (No incline adjustable) sample holder stage is recommended (Optional).  

Vac Coat product Standard Sample Holder | Standard Sample Stage
Standard Sample Holder
Vac Coat product Planetary Sample Rotation Holder | Planetary Sample Rotation Stage
Planetary Sample Holder
Vac Coat Large DCT | 6-inch Rotatable Sample Holder Stage | Carbon Coater
6-inch Rotatable Sample Holder Stage

Applications of DCT-T-300

  • Deposition of carbon films for SEM, FE-SEM, EDX, and TEM sample preparation
  • Conductive layers
  • TEM grid plasma treatment for improved hydrophilicity (Optional)
  • TEM aperture cleaning using the thermal source holder

Specifications of DCT-T-300

  • Turbo molecular pump with different pumping speeds (Optional):
Pumping Speed 90 l/s 250 l/s 350 l/s
Ultimate Pressure 8×10-6 3×10-6 8×10-7
  • 300 mm OD × 200 mm H vacuum chamber
  • Ultimate vacuum: Less than 8 x 10-6 Torr
  • Dimensions: 580 x 500 x 630 mm (H × W × D)
  • Utilities: 220/110 V, 50/60 HZ – 2 kW
  • Automatically controlled pressure-independent coating
  • Fine control of vacuum pressure with automatic leak valve
  • Real-time plots of coating parameters
  • Simple transfer of coating data plots via USB port to PC
  • Shipping weight: 46 Kg

Options and Accessories

  • Head and power supply for carbon rod evaporation
  • Plasma rod and high voltage power supply for plasma treatment
  • Quartz crystal sensor
  • Planetary sample rotation
  • Spare cylindrical vacuum glass chamber
  • Carbon fiber
  • Sealing gaskets
  • Source boats and baskets

How Does Desk Sputter Coater work?

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