Sputtering Targets

sputter targets

Sputtering is one of the most commonly used thin film deposition methods to deposit thin film from different materials on the various substrates. The characteristics of targets made of different materials play a great role in the quality of the deposited thin film and the performance of the sputtering method. Targets may consist of only one element, alloys or compounds. The purity and stoichiometric characteristics of the target materials has a key impact on the proper performance of the deposited thin film for various applications.

VacCoat’s Target series is ISO9001 certified and includes targets consists of elements, alloys and compounds with high purity and precision stoichiometry. Bonding service for targets comprise of ceramics and fragile materials is also provided by the company upon customer request.


Note: It’s strongly recommended to avoid damaging the targets such as cracking, bending, etc; use the backing plate(bonding) for targets of low heat conductivity and brittle materials such as Ceramics.

Note: For low melting point target materials, temperature sensitive compounds, low density and fragile target materials; elastomer bonding is recommended.