Vac Coat Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality tailor-made Physical Vapour Deposition(PVD) and Vacuum Coating Systems with excellent customer care and after sale services.

Equipped with more than 25 years’ experience in the vacuum and Thin Film deposition technologies. Our research and development team supported by academic scientists and qualified engineers are highly active to develop new designs and meet special inquiries received from clients. 




Triple Target Desk Sputter Coater
Desk Sputter Coater DST3-T
Desk Thermal Evaporator


Desk Thermal Evaporator
Triple Source Desk Thermal Evaporator (DTT) The DTT is a desktop, a turbomolecular-pump...
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Pulsed Laser Deposition and Thermal Evaporator system
Desk Sputter Coater DST3-T

DST3-T is a triple-target, turbo molecular-pumped, multi vacuum coater, combines thermal evaporator & sputter coater in one single compact desktop system.

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Triple Target Desk Sputter Coater
The DST3 is equipped with a large chamber (300 mm diameter) and three 2” diameter water cooled cat
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Desk Sputter Coater – DSR1

Desk Sputter Coater is a compact coating system that coat noble metals such as gold,palladium,platinum & Au/Pd thin films on non/poorly conductive specimens.

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Desk Carbon Coater – DCR

Desk Carbon Coater is a compact carbon fiber coating system suitable for sample preparation for the use in scanning electron microscope(SEM), TEM and EDX.

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07 Aug 2019
Military applications of the optics and vacuum thin film deposition
Optics are used almost anywhere in the military. From vision systems and target designators used by troops on the ground, through guidance systems utilized in both manned and unmanned airc...
28 Nov 2020
How to Make the Most Efficient Rotary Pumps?

Rotary pumps usually have many applications in industry due to their ability to work for a long time in industrial and difficult conditions.

02 Nov 2020
Hydrophilicity and Hydrophobicity: Hydrophilicity of Deposited Carbon Thin Film

If water droplets does not spread evenly across the surface, is hydrophobic. If a droplet that is placed on surface is evenly distributed, is hydrophilic.

05 Oct 2020
Sputtering Process | Sputtering Deposition Method

Sputtering is a phenomenon in which energetic particles of plasma or gas hit the surface of a solid and microscopic particles are separated from it.

27 Sep 2020
Improved Desk Thermal Evaporator-DTT

Improved Desk Thermal Evaporator-DTT allows user to increase distance between substrate to evaporation sources up to 50cm by installation of a second chamber.

08 Sep 2020
Pyrolytic Graphite

Pyrolytic graphite is a polycrystalline form of graphite that is deposited from the vapor phase by thermal decomposition of simple hydrocarbon like methane.

19 Aug 2020
Visit VacCoat Ltd. at China International Import Expo(CIIE) 2020

VacCoat Will be on hand CIIE 2020 in shanghai. The 3rd China International Import Exhibition will be held on November 5th to 10th.

10 Aug 2020
Carbon-Supported Grids Used in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM Grids)

The grids used in TEM microscopes to place specimens are usually made of copper, a layer of plastic called a formvar and a thin film of carbon.

18 Jul 2020
Material Deposition Table to Select the Appropriate Method of Vacuum Deposition

Not every material can be deposited in any way, then material deposition tables help users of vacuum deposition sys. to select the best deposition method.

30 Jun 2020
Cooling and Displaying the Temperature of the High Current Electrical Feedthroughs

Electrical feedthrough is tool transmit electrical signal and current between inside and outside of vacuum chamber.Those include one or more conductor pins