DTE: Vac Coat New Product

An Overview of DTE

Vac Coat presents a new coating system, named DTE, Desktop High-Vacuum Thermal Evaporator. This device is aimed to fulfill the need for a low-budget, light-weight, quick-vacuuming, material evaporator for sample evaporant experiments.

VAC DTE product Square

DTE is equipped with a turbo-molecular pump to provide high-vacuum level for deposition of noble and oxidizing metals. Also, its external high-current power supply enables vaporization of a wide variety of materials to deposit thin films for different applications, such as nano & micro-electronics, solar cell application, thin film sensors, and SEM & FESEM sample preparation.

The source holder position on the electric extensions embedded on the chamber lead can be easily adjusted by sliding on the extensions, which provides the upward and downward deposition configurations, where the samples are fixed on the S-Clip sample holder on the chamber lead in upward coating, or placed on the rotating sample holder on the baseplate in the downward coating arrangement.

Precise quartz crystal sensor thickness measurement, electronic shutter, and rotating sample holder (in the downward coating) enables controlled and uniform thin film deposition. 

VAC DTE product Square

The DTE coating model is equipped with a touch-screen panel to easily control the vacuuming process and the coating sequence. 

Touch screen

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