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The radiofrequency (RF) generators provided by Vac Coat Company are reliable devices for industrial and laboratory deposition, plasma generation, and even dielectric heating and melting. RF signal generators are also one of the most important components of semiconductor manufacturing systems, used for producing integrated circuits (ICs) and chips present in modern computers and electronic equipment. The Vac Coat RF power generators accompanied by impedance matching network constitute a complete RF plasma generation assembly.

Vac Coat company employs RF plasma sources in its sputter coaters to perform RF sputtering for deposition of thin films of semiconductor targets like ZnO, SiO2, etc. RF plasma prevents charging effects of non-conductive surfaces during ion sputtering by applying alternating voltage to the cathode, which provides stable plasma generation and coating.

All Vac Coat large chamber sputter coaters such as DST1-300, DST3, DST3-T, and DST2-TG are able to be equipped with RF ion sources to deposit semiconductor thin films.  

The RF generators are designed and built with 13.56 MHz frequency band according to the international standard radio bands commonly used in the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications, allowing high-power activities without causing any disturbance in the surrounding telecommunication systems. However, the RF generators can be delivered with 27.12 MHz, 13.56 MHz, 2 MHz or other frequency bands according to the customer.

Vac Coat RF generators are offered in models with different powers, ranging from 100W to 15kW, with simple manufacture and setup procedure, along with safety features against electromagnetic interference, continuous operation capability, ease of operation and control and a touch screen or digital display.

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Features of RF Generator

  • Reflected power limiter by RF matching network
  • Air-cooling (DC to RF conversion efficiency larger than 70%)
  • Graphical control, display and adjustment system with a touch screen
  • Various protection types (against reflected power, over-temperature, overcurrent, and overvoltage)
  • Capable of automatically limiting the transmitted power
  • 0-5 V input voltage for remotely controlling the generator output power (optional)
  • More than 90% efficiency for larger than 300 W models
  • Analog output for transmitted and reflected power values
  • Closed-loop control of output power which stabilizes the adjusted power with time
  • Adequate shielding to prevent radiation and EMI noise with necessary measures to protect operator health
  • Rack-installable box


  • Semiconductor production
  • Physical and chemical plasma deposition
  • Plasma etching
  • Various plasma processing techniques (You can read more about vacuum plasma treatment)
  • Heating and melting discarded dielectrics
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Specifications of RF Plasma Generators

Power supply 220 V (200-240 V), 50 Hz (50-60 Hz)
Output frequency 13.56 MHz
Protection Various types (protection against reflected power, over-temperature, overcurrent, and overvoltage), especially reflected power limiter
Display Graphic display with touch screen or digital display
Remote control Digital RS485
Working temperature 10-40°C
Cooling Air conditioned
Output impedance 50Ω (resistive)
Dimensions (cm) Depends on device output
Weight Depends on device output
Output connector  N – 7/16
Box material Aluminum

RF Generators Models

  RFG200 RFG300 RFG600 RFG1000 RFG2000 RFG5000
Frequency (MHz) 13.56 13.56 13.56 13.56 13.56 13.56
Power (W) 200 300 600 1000 2000 5000
Output impedance (ohms) 50 50 50 50 50 50
Connection type Analog & Digital max485 Analog & Digital max485 Analog & Digital max485 Analog & Digital max485 Analog & Digital max485 Analog & Digital max485
Front panel display LCD LCD LCD LCD 7segment 7segment
Output connector N N N N N 7/16
Touch screen Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Input power Single-phase Single-phase Single-phase Single-phase 3phase 3phase
Cooling air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled air-cooled air&water-cooled

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