Vac Coat New Distributor: Měřicí technika Morava

Vac Coat company, the designer and manufacturer of vacuum coating systems and SEM coaters, has conducted distribution agreement with Měřicí technika Morava, a renowned supplier of cutting-edge laboratory and measurement instruments for Czech and Slovak market.

Vac Coat Ltd. continuously extends its global distribution network, working with distinguished laboratory instrument suppliers and service providers, to meet its valuable customer demands all over the world.

Meřicí technika Morava, sro

The Měřicí technika Morava, founded in 2009, has been supplier of Veeco Instruments, along with Sentech, Bestec, Technoteam companies, and lately is a distributor of Bruker divisions Nano, ASX (X-ray instruments) Fluorescence microscopy, and BioSpin (Magnetic resonance). This company has obtained the ISO 9001: 2016 certificate in 2021, which confirms the fulfillment of quality management according to this standard for the fields of supply of laboratory instruments, support, training, and service.

Vac Coat Ltd.

Vac Coat products, such as sputter coaters, carbon coaters, thermal evaporators, and hybrid vacuum coating devices, which are among the best thin film coating systems used for research and electron microscope sample preparation, now are available in the Czech and Slovak market through the Měřicí technika Morava.

Some of Vac Coat Products

Sputter Coater

Vac Product DSR1 Square Without Frame Grey Big Border

Carbon Coater

Vac Product DCT | Desk Carbon Coater

SEM Coater

Vac Product DSCR Three Shots Square Without Frame Grey Big Border


Desk Thermal Evaporator - DTT Three Shot Framed | VacCoat Product


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