Triple Target Sputter Coater DST3 Upgraded

The Triple Target Sputter Coater Was Upgraded

The DST3 product, angled and straight models (DST3-TA and DST3-TS) are upgraded into a more versatile version, with modifications in the device hardware and software.

Three Variations of the DST3 System

Automatic Mode

All DST3 models now support sputtering deposition in the automatic mode with programmable sputtering processes (Figure 1).

DST3 Automatic Mode
Figure 1. DST3 Automatic Mode

Power Supply

The power sources (DC, RF and high current) now can be manipulated through the software, eliminating the power source panels on the rack (Figure 2).

DST3 Power Supply Selection Page for DC, RF and High Current
Figure 2. DST3 Power Supply Selection Page for DC, RF and High Current

Heater Control

Also, DST3 heater is replaced with a newer model, enabling programmable heating up and cooling down, which can be controlled from the device touch screen (Figure 3).

Heater Control Page
Figure 3. Heater Control Page

Vac Coat continuously modifies and improves its products and utilize the latest technologies as a pioneering coating systems manufacturer to meet the customer demands. Triple target sputter coaters/thermal evaporators with angled and straight cathodes (DST3-TA and DST3-TS) are capable of DC/RF sputtering at high vacuum environment (You can read more about RF Sputtering here). 

Many other optional facilities, such as plasma cleaner, substrate heater, carbon coater head, etc. are available if the user needs. For more information, please visit the site.

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