Vac Coat Distribution Agreement with Uni-Export Instruments Polska

Vac Coat Ltd. has signed a new contract with a well-known distributer and service provider in Poland, Uni-Export Instruments Polska. Thereby, Vac Coat vacuum coating products are presented in Poland market by Uni-Export Instruments Polska Company.

Uni-Export Instruments Polska

Uni-Export Instruments Polska, originally established in 1970s, conducts commercial and service activities for several leading device manufacturer from Europe and the USA in the field of equipment sale, installation, technical support, repair, and warranty services.

Vac Coat Ltd. is a pioneer in production of vacuum coating systems. Vac Coat innovative extensive range of coating devices, including low and high vacuum desktop magnetron sputter coaters (DSR1 and DST1), desktop carbon coaters (DCR and DCT). 

In addition, it has sputter/carbon coater (DSCR and DSCT), triple target turbo pumped sputter coater and thermal evaporator (DST3-T), and double target turbo pumped sputter coater and thermal evaporator for glove box (DST2-TG), can be customized due to the customer requirements.

For more information about our vacuum deposition systems, please visit the Vac Coat website.

Some of Our Vacuum Coating Systems

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