Electron Microscopy UK and Ireland 2024

EM-UKI 2024

The EM-UKI in-person meeting will be held on 8-9 February, 2024, at University of York, UK, as an open forum for discussion of the latest advances and challenges in the field of electron microscopy. This meeting is appropriate for both academicians and commercial microscope experts.

The EM-UKI meeting will include technical and scientific talks and discussions, and also accommodates the RMS annual EM lecture. The famous electron microscope manufacturers, like TESCAN, Zeiss, JEOL, and Thermo Fisher will present their vision and improvements in this area.

The EM-UKI programme will include the RMS EM Lecture, developments from the EM community, and talks on the electron microscopy techniques.

Some of Vac Coat Products

Sputter Coaters

Vac Coat Product DST1-170 | High Vacuum Desk Sputter Coater | Single Magnetron Target Sputter Coater

Carbon Coaters

Desk Carbon Coater – DCR | SEM Coater | Vacuum Coating System

SEM Coaters

Vac DSCT Three shots Square without frame without baffle valve


Desk Thermal Evaporator - DTT Three Shot Framed | VacCoat Product

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