International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF) 2023

ICMCTF 2023 Conference

The ICMCTF 2023 conference will be held at San Diego, California, USA, on May 21-26, 2023. This leading event promotes new ideas and information in the field of thin film deposition related topics among the research and industry fellows. Presenting eight technical symposia, three topical symposia, and seven short-courses, ICMCTF is a comprehensive conference that concerns different coatings, deposition techniques, applications, and novel characterization methods. 

The issues discussed in the Technical and Topical Symposia include:

  • High-Temperature and Hard Coatings
  • Vapor Deposition Technologies
  • Functional Thin Films and Surfaces
  • Coatings Applications in Healthcare
  • Coatings for Engineered Surfaces- Research and Industrial Applications
  • Novel Characterization Techniques for Thin Films and Coatings
  • Coatings Application in Batteries and Energy Conversion
  • Flexible Thin Films

The short-courses focus on the plasma physics and its application in deposition processes, sputter deposition basics, control of structures created by physical vapor deposition method, HiPIMS plasma in thin film deposition, and thin film characterization techniques.

The 2-day industrial exhibition presents the latest thin film deposition and characterization equipment, materials, and services to fulfill research and laboratory requirements.

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