Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC) 2023

MMC Is Back With A Bang In 2023!

The Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC) 2023, incorporating EMAG 2023, will be held on 4-6 July 2023, Manchester, UK. This congress is one of Europe’s biggest microscopy events with workshops and a world-class exhibition taking place at the Manchester Central conference centre. Vac Coat company along with other leading companies in sample preparation for electron microscopy imaging are present in MMC 2023.

MMC Goals

The MMC2023 aims to bring together the experts, manufacturers, and researchers in the field of microscopy imaging to share their experiences and insights and make connections in a worldwide event. In the parallel exhibition, renowned companies demonstrate the latest microscopy-related equipment and technology.

Vac Coat Will Be There

Vac Coat Company, designer and manufacturer of vacuum coaters, presents various products, including benchtop low and high vacuum sputter coaters (DSR1 and DST1), carbon coaters (DCR and DCT), dual sputter/carbon coaters (DSCR and DSCT), and high vacuum benchtop thermal evaporators (DTE and DTT) for research purposes and electron microscopy sample preparation. Vac Coat welcomes the participants at Stand No. 423, in the Manchester Central conference centre.

Sputter Coaters

Desk Sputter Coater – DSR1 Three Shot Grey Framed | VacCoat Product | SEM Coater | Vacuum Coating System

Carbon Coaters

VacCoat - Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC) 2023

Sputter/Carbon Coaters

Desk Sputter and Carbon Coater – DSCR Three Shot Grey Framed | VacCoat Product

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