10th year of Vacuum Expo in UK

vacuum expo : If you are interested in the vacuum field, do not miss the vacuum exhibition scheduled for 9&10 October 2019 in Ricoh Arena Coventry UK.

The demonstration of industrial and scientific applications of vacuum technology in the field of coating, analytical sciences, R&D, solar cells, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food and packaging, space technology tools and many others are facilities provided at the exhibition for the interested in the vacuum field.

See the link for details:https://www.vacuum-expo.com/

vacuum expo



Vac Coat Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality tailor-made Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) systems with excellent customer care and after sale services. Equipped with more than 25 years’ experience in the vacuum and Thin Film deposition technologies. Our research and development team supported by academic scientists and qualified engineers are highly active to develop new designs and meet special inquiries received from clients. 

Designed and manufactured components by our engineering team meets high-quality standards. Our vacuum coating systems have been sold to many universities and research centers through distributors worldwide with very good references and feedback.


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