Our Desk Sputter and Carbon Coater in Italy

Desk hybrid sputter coater and carbon coater (DSCR), Vac Coat favorite desk vacuum coater, is introduced to Italian scientific society by our new collaborator, Nanovision. DSCR is a versatile SEM coater, enabling fast, programmable coating cycles, mainly used for electron microscope sample preparation.


NanoVision has recently added to the Vac Coat worldwide distributing network to provide Vac Coat vacuum coating systems and services in Italy. Nanovision is a renowned provider of electron microscopes, their accessories and sample preparation tools.

Vac Coat as an innovative designer of vacuum coating devices, produces various low and high-vacuum coating systems suitable for sample preparation and laboratory research. Desk low and high-vacuum sputter coaters, DSR1 and DST1, carbon coaters, DCR and DCT, and dual sputter and carbon coaters, DSCR and DSCT, are favorite automatic SEM coaters around the globe.

Triple-cathode sputter coaters, DST3-A/S, are research grade coating systems supplied with exceptional features required for a comprehensive investigation. Vac Coat also offers thermal evaporation method as an individual coating system like DTE and DTT, or combined with other coating techniques, as DSCT-T and DST3-T.

Some of Vac Coat Products

Sputter Coaters

Thermal Desk Sputter Coater - DST1-300 Three Shot Grey Framed | VacCoat Product | Magnetron Sputter Coater
Vac Product DSR1 Square Without Frame Grey Big Border


Desk Thermal Evaporator - DTT Three Shot Framed | VacCoat Product
VAC DTE product Square

SEM Coaters

Vac Product DSCR Three Shots Square Without Frame Grey Big Border
Vac DSCT Three shots Square without frame without baffle valve

Carbon Coaters

Desk Carbon Coater – DCR | SEM Coater | Vacuum Coating System
Vac Product DCT | Desk Carbon Coater

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