VacCoat Collaboration with Yi Xin Technology

Vac Coat has recently established a collaboration with the Chinese company, Yi Xin Technology, for marketing and sales promotional activities of the Vac Coat products in China and Hong Kong. This contract expands worldwide accessibility of Vac Coat products and services. 

Yi Xin Technology

Yi Xin Technology was founded in 2010 by professionals in the field of digital printed electronics. Since its establishment, it has carried out close cooperation with domestic and foreign first-class research institutes in the field of micro-nano processing and flexible printed electronics. 

Yi Xin Science and Technology is a well-known professional supplier in the field of flexible printed electronics, micro-nano processing and thin film deposition systems, and microscope characterization devices.

Vac Coat Ltd.

Vac Coat Company is a designer and manufacturer of PVD coating systems, including sputter coaters, carbon coaters, thermal evaporators, and pulsed laser deposition systems

Rotary-pumped and turbo-pumped desk sputter/carbon coaters (DSCR and DSCT) are advantageous for electronic microscope sample preparation, while multi-target sputter coater with thermal evaporator (DST3-T and DST2-TG) are promising for research purposes.

For more information about our vacuum deposition systems, please visit the Vac Coat website.

Some of Our Vacuum Coating Systems

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