Vacuum Sputter and Thermal Coater – VCS100F

Vacuum Sputter and Thermal Coater – VCS100-F | VacCoat Product

Vacuum Sputter and Thermal Coater – VCS100F is a versatile system that included Thermal Evaporation and Sputtering Deposition methods. Since the VCS100F chamber is larger than the desktop models such as Desk Sputter Coater – DST3 and Desk Thermal Evaporator – DTT, all the thermal sources and magnetron cathodes are installed on the base plate, and the deposition performed from bottom to up.

The larger and metallic chamber of the VCS100F caused less worry about overheating of base plate and vacuum chamber because of thermal radiation from glows thermal sources in a long time. The greater distance between thermal sources and specimens in the VCS100F resulted in better uniformity of coatings thickness than desktop models for large samples.

VCS100F Specifications

Features of Vacuum Sputter and Thermal Coater

  • Electro-pneumatic butterfly valve ISOK-100
  • Three thermal evaporation sources
  • High current power supply for thermal evaporation 2KW
  • Co-sputtering deposition
  • Co-thermal deposition
  • Plasma Cleaning
  • Two precision MFC
  • Backing/roughing electro-pneumatic valve
  • Electro-pneumatic valves
  • Customized substrate holder
  • Sample rotation
  • Chamber to lift by electro-pneumatic jack
  • High Current Electrical Feedthroughs

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