11th Vacuum Symposium 2022

11th Vacuum Symposium

The 11th Vacuum Symposium (VS11) will be held on 12-13 July, Daresbury Laboratory, UK. This symposium is an annual national meeting including both technical and commercial sections.

VS1, the first meeting was organized on 10/11 February 2010 at Daresbury Laboratory, UK, incorporating the 9th RGA User Group Meeting, with a wider cross-section of vacuum manipulators, which enabled interaction among academics, technicians, industrial users, and manufacturers. The aim of this annual symposium is to contribute to the advancement of education in vacuum science and technology by endorsing understanding and application.

In the VS11 variety of topics in the vacuum field will be discussed, such as advances in vacuum pumps, challenges in modern vacuum technology applications, a new kind of ionization gauge, particulate transfer in UHV systems and helium permeation through glass.

Course Program

  • Vacuum – The Basic Principles
  • Vacuum in Practice – Atmosphere to High Vacuum
  • Clean Vacuum & UHV
  • An Introduction to Leak Detection
  • The Design & Fabrication of Vacuum Chambers
  • Introduction to Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)
  • Vacuum Pump Training for Reliable Application, Operation and Maintenance

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