AVS 68th International Symposium & Exhibition

American Vacuum Society Symposium & Exhibition

The 68th American Vacuum Society symposium and exhibition will be held on 6-11 November 2022, in David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The AVS International Symposium & Exhibition is a leading forum to present and discuss the science and technology of materials, interfaces, and processing for worldwide attendees from research and manufacturing communities.

An extensive exhibition comprises related tools, equipment, materials, services, supplies, chemicals, consulting, technical literature, and new technologies for Surface Science, Biomaterial Interfaces, Electronic Materials & Photonics, Magnetic Interfaces, Manufacturing Science, MEMS/NEMS, Nanoscience, Thin FilmPlasma Science, and Vacuum Technology during the week. This exhibition brings innovative vendors showing new technology and research methods.

Some of the topics discussed in the symposium include:

  • 2D Materials
  • Actinides and Rare Earths
  • Advanced Ion Microscopy and Ion Beam Nano-engineering
  • Advanced Surface Engineering (Read more about Plasma Treatment in Microfluidics)
  • Applied Surface Science
  • Atomic Scale Processing
  • Biomaterial Interfaces
  • Chemical Analysis and Imaging Interfaces
  • Electronic Materials and Photonics
  • Fundamental Discoveries in Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology
  • MEMS and NEMS
  • Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • New Trends on Structural and Electronic Characterization of Materials, Interfaces, and Surfaces
  • Plasma Science and Technology
  • Quantum Information Science
  • Radiation Effects on Materials
  • Smart Multifunctional Materials for Nanomedicine
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
  • Surface Science
  • Thin Films
  • Vacuum Technology

Among the works to be discussed are remarkable research works on the coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering and PLD methods, and their characterization techniques such as electron microscopy and spectroscopy. The surface treatment effect on the thin film nucleation and growth, and associated properties, like hydrophobicity, are among the issues addressed in the symposium.

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