35th European Conference on Surface Science

ECOSS35: 35th European Conference on Surface Science

ECOSS35: 35th European Conference on Surface Science

Thirty-fifth annual European Conference on Surface Science will take place at the University of Luxembourg, in the new Belval Campus in the south of Luxembourg, from the 29th of August to the 2nd of September 2022.

ECOSS is an annual meeting organized by the Surface Science Division of the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA) and the Surface and Interface Section of the European Physical Society (EPS). The conference delivers an exceptional opportunity for researchers and scientists from all over the world to meet and discuss the latest developments in the physics and chemistry of surfaces. Moreover, it is a forum to discuss the impression of surface science in fields of heterogeneous catalysis, thin films, two-dimensional materials, nanoelectronics, bio-nanoscience, and energy materials.

PCAM school of surface science will be held in parallel to the ECOSS conference to teach some of the most important topics in surface science to dedicated participants.

The conference topics include:

  • Oxide surfaces and thin films
  • 2D materials
  • Organic molecules and molecular architectures on surfaces
  • Surface adsorption, desorption, diffusion, and reactions
  • Electrochemistry on surfaces
  • Advances in Experimental and Theoretical Methods
  • Energy materials
  • Semiconductor surfaces
  • Functional surface nanostructures, plasmonics, and sensors
  • Ion-surface interactions

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