Desk Sputter Coater and Carbon/Thermal Evaporator in One New System

Desk Sputter Coater and Carbon/Thermal Evaporator in One New System

In recent months, the R&D team of Vac Coat Ltd. has developed strategies based on science and engineering to design and manufacture a new product titled DSCT-T. This versatile coating system equipped with a turbomolecular vacuum pump allows coating in three methods: sputtering, thermal evaporation of carbon, and thermal evaporation of metals in one system. The Desk Sputter Coater and Carbon/Thermal Evaporator has a mini-size design that saves valuable laboratory space.

The Desk Sputter Coater and Carbon/Thermal Evaporator – DSCT-T, a new customized version of the DSCT (Turbo Pumped Desk Sputter & Carbon Coater), has been announced in VacCoat’s product list on June 2021. This product compacts three models of the most up-to-date coating systems in one device. Therefore, customers can purchase a DSCT-T system with three interchangeable heads at a very reasonable price instead of three individual coating systems for sputtering, carbon fiber or carbon rod evaporation, and thermal evaporation.

This high vacuum coater is suitable for sample preparation of scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM), X-ray analysis, aperture cleaning of electron microscopes, and thin metal films fabrication.

Turbomolecular vacuum pump and full range vacuum gauge of the system have been fabricating by Leybold Company. The precision of its thickness gauge is 1 nm. Moreover, the DSCT-T system has equipped with user-friendly software.

One thermal source of the DSCT-T, such as a boat or a basket, can be installed on the thermal evaporation head for different applications. In the case of carbon evaporation, it is possible to order a system with a carbon fiber head or a carbon rod head, or both of them.

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