Thickness Control of Carbon Film in Vacuum Carbon Coaters

Precise Thickness Control in Vacuum Carbon Coaters

Thickness Control of Carbon Film which is deposited on the samples to be analyzed by electron microscopy (SEM, TEM, FE-SEM, and etc.) or Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) is usually difficult to work. Due to the change in carbon sources (Rod or Fiber) resistance at high temperatures created during the evaporation, in some cases the thickness of deposited thin film is either less or more than the desired amount.

Vacuum Carbon Coating Systems

Also, for imaging samples with TEM, it is necessary to cover the grids used in this process with a supporting thin film of carbon, in which case the reproducibility of the carbon film thickness and also the quality of the deposited thin film play an important role in quality of the images. Therefore, it is necessary to use a system for carbon coating, in which the thickness and quality of the deposited thin films can be repeated, and at different times under the same conditions, the same thin films can be reached.

Vacuum Carbon Coating Systems, Desk Carbon Coater DCR, Turbo-Pumped Carbon Coater – DCT, Desk Sputter & Carbon Coater – DSCR, and Turbo Pumped Sputter & Carbo Coater – DSCT models, made by Vac Coat Ltd. using pulsed power supply sources provides the ability to Thickness Control of Carbon Film. The carbon coaters are also equipped with two carbon fibers and have the ability to detect burning and switching on another.

These systems allow the users to adjust the number of pulses and the current of each pulse. Also, these vacuum carbon coating systems are equipped with accurate and efficient thickness gauges that accurately display the thickness of the deposited thin film with an accuracy of 1 nm during the deposition process.

The thickness of the deposited carbon thin film can be seen both diagrammatically and digitally on the main screen. The below figures are pictures of the DCR carbon coater and DCT main screen made by Vac Coat Ltd. The picture of DCR is related to the carbon fiber coating sample.

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DCR Screen

Vac product DCR Touch Screen

DCT Screen

Vac product DCT Touch Screen | Carbon Coater | SEM Coater

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